Despite every other project being released on a micro or low budget, it’s incredible that a tape can attract so much publicity and that the artist can make money and continue their career without being completely devastated by it all.

The industry is yet to be fully accepted by many; however, you only have to listen to the hype surrounding Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy, Cardi B’s reign as one of the best rappers in the world, and that she is signed to the biggest label in the world (in Cash Money), and then listen to even one of the underground producers, like Globs and Mykki Blanco, to realize that this industry is only going to grow.

Why are artists making such good money for so little work?Man in black top wearing headphones showing his tattoos

Firstly, the ‘sound’ of trap music. The entire idea behind the genre of trap is simplicity and also repetition.

There is usually just one keyword, synth, and then a few percussive sounds, usually made by a drum machine. The unique sound of trap music is because of its sounds created with machines.

The instruments used are actually played by turntables, without any instruments, creating a more unique yet realistic sound. What makes trap music different from other music genres is that it’s designed to be played in nightclubs, and clubs have more money.

Also, with trap music, the only thing that changes is the individual sounds and words, and these aren’t going to change when the track is played on a jukebox; they have to change with the person listening.

This means that the consumer is getting a completely different sound because when you listen to it, there’s no time to listen to the song like you would with other tracks. This means that trap music is more relevant in clubs than other genres of music.

Therefore, this means more people can be involved in the industry, more money, more publicity, the better quality of tracks, and a better industry for the artists.

And then, there’s the fact that trap music doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s supposed to be seen as a joke and fun; this is the exact reason it is so successful.

Millennials, millennials, millennialsSilhouette photo of man singing on stage

It has been said that 90% of people that listen to trap music are millennials. This means that trap music is highly relatable to millennials.

Millennials are constantly busy, and just as people from older generations still enjoy time to have fun, millennials also enjoy time to have fun. Being active in music, and all the work that goes into making music, allows millennials to have fun while also supporting the industry.

Also, trap music helps to break down the barriers between youth and the older generations.

Millennials and those in their twenties are meant to grow up in this age of technology. But since it seems to be taking so long for millennials to grow up, they are being let down by the industry.

Millennials grew up being bombarded by celebrities and social media, the idea that they were different from their parents and were supposed to be freer to experiment and enjoy life. Millennials are becoming increasingly tired of this trend.

Trap music doesn’t care if you’re of the older generation or a millennial because it doesn’t care if you’re a bit outdated, which shows that trap music is always looking forward to the people making it do, as well. Because of this, trap music can appeal to millennials and bring them back into the fold.

The culture of trap musicPerson playing dj turntable

And then, there’s a culture around trap music itself. As well as making music that appeals to millennials, trap music is also popular among other generations, such as baby boomers.

Many of the older generations, such as baby boomers, have grown up in a time of minimalism, where they could enjoy their lives for what they were. The modern age of technology has taken that from them.

Trap music is the music of people of that time, in the same way, that bubblegum pop is the music of the younger generation.

So, how do you know when trap music is a good artist? Well, this is fairly straightforward.

If you listen to the music genres that trap makes and what it sounds like, and it sounds to you like someone ‘writing’ down the beat and a voice taking it from there, trap music isn’t a good artist.

In the same way, if you’re looking for someone to play a club, and you find a musician that makes electronic beats and has a really jazzy or dubstep sounding voice, then this is not the person to play for your customers.

Another factor that could be considered when trying to judge if a song is good or not is whether or not the artist can create consistent beats. Do they create the same sounds and with a similar technique throughout the whole song?

If not, then they could be a one-trick pony. You could do this with any type of music, but it helps to know that it’s not just trapped music that has this sort of trap.

But who are some of the best artists out there? If you’re not already listening to Migos, then you’re missing out. Even if you’re not a huge fan, their tracks are undoubtedly catchy.

Some of their tracks, such as ‘Bad & Boujee’ and ‘T-Shirt,’ are definitely the most popular songs on the internet right now. Migos aren’t the only artists who make great songs with catchy lyrics, though.

They are just the only ones that people are interested in.

Even Drake, with his simplistic, everyday “WTF?!” moments, has songs like ‘God’s Plan’ and ‘Nice for What.’ So although trap music can be popular, it doesn’t have to be Trap music.

There are so many different kinds of songs out there, and it’s nice to know that there are so many different kinds of people out there who enjoy all kinds of music.