As a popular furniture destination store, Z Galleria has become very well known for its frequent exchange policies. These policies vary depending on what item type you purchase, but typically you can return or exchange your merchandise within 30 days of buying it!

Many people praise their low-price tag items by saying that they feel more affordable than going to traditional stores. This is due in part to the ease of returning or exchanging an item at no cost to yourself!

Some may even say that Z Galleria’s drop off policy helps them keep up with the busy season by offering credit towards future purchases.

However, some argue that this convenience comes with a risk. Since there is no longer a brick and mortar location, many claim that Z Galleria does not have physical access to their products.

This could be problematic if you accidently buy something and need to return it. Not only will you lose money, but you could potentially wait weeks or months to do so!

Luckily, we are here today to talk about how to handle returns and exchanges at Z Galleria.

Who is eligible for Z Gallerie exchange policy?

z gallerie exchange policy

As mentioned earlier, you must have an active Z Galleria account to be able to use their service. If you do not, you will need to first create one before being able to find your item and return it.

Z Gallerie offers a 30-day return policy if you are returning or exchanging an item that you purchased online. This applies to all purchases, whether in-store or online. All returned items must be new and with its original packaging (no returns of gift cards).

Return shipping costs are paid by the seller, unless the buyer wants to cover those themselves. In this case, the buyer would pay the cost of shipment via UPS/USPS Priority Mail as well as the additional fees they may incur at the receiving end.

How do I apply for Z Gallerie exchange policy?

z gallerie exchange policy

As mentioned before, Z Gallerie has an internal reward program called the “Z Gallerie Reward Program.” This reward program gives you credit towards purchases if you are willing to sell your items at cost.

You can find more information about this in our article here but there is one thing that most people miss out on. To be eligible for the rewards, you must have a zGallerre-verified account.

This means that you must link your Z Gallerie account to your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and state under what position or positions you will be selling your products.

Once these two things are verified, you will receive A confirmation email from Z Galleria stating that your application was successful! You will then get back the details of how much reward you will earn as well as when you can expect to see it displayed on your account.

What happens after I apply for Z Gallerie exchange policy?

z gallerie exchange policy

Once you have received approval, you will be contacted by an associate of theirs to get your additional gift card information. They will also ask if you would like to receive VIP rewards program benefits, such as free shipping or discount coupons!

It is very important that you choose this option as it offers extra savings! If you do not, then you are paying higher prices for the item already.

What are the Z Gallerie exchange policy terms?

z gallerie exchange policy

As per their most recent updated policies, Z Galleria has extended its return policy to include all purchases made within one year of purchase. This includes clothing, jewelry, furniture, housewares, you name it!

To qualify for a refund under this new policy, you will have to pack your items in our shipping container or we can send out a courier service at no cost to you. You then have two weeks to send back your item(s) along with your receipt and confirmation that you purchased them from Z Galleria.

After these two week windows expire, if you find the product anywhere else online or through any channel other than Amazon or Z Galleria themselves, your purchase will be considered final sale and therefore not eligible for refunds.

Can I exchange more than one item?

z gallerie exchange policy

You now have even MORE reasons to shop at Z Galleria! As long as you bring in two different items, you are allowed to return or exchange them within 30 days of purchase.

This is great news because it removes the limit some people place on exchanging just ONE item. If you’re looking to part with your old furniture, you can take advantage of this policy!

We understand that returning or exchanging an item may not be easy, so we have extended their return period for a month. This gives you time to decide if this set works for you or not before having to pay full price for it.

Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to prepare your returns.

What types of items can I exchange?

z gallerie exchange policy

One of our biggest sellers at Z Gallerie is their bed frame collection. So, we’ve designed an easy way to swap out your old frame for a new one!

You get 3% back off the price of any item in that collection when you place an order online or through the store. And you have until the end of August to use this discount.

Can I exchange my used items?

z gallerie exchange policy

As long as you have included your return policy information with your item, you are allowed to sell or give away your old belongings!

That is not only acceptable, it is encouraged! Many sellers find that selling their things online helps free up space in their home, gives them some extra money, and creates a way for people to get additional materials or toys for the same price as what they paid for them.

By allowing yourself to go through a drop-off location or website, you help promote the sale of new products by exposing potential buyers to newer, better versions of them. It also helps keep the community strong as people can easily donate their possessions to each other.

What are the exchange rates?

z gallerie exchange policy

Unfortunately, due to high demand for our jewelry, we have had to implement an additional step in our buying process. This includes having you send us your current jewelry before you can be approved as a buyer!

This is so that we may compare your current jewelry with what items we sell in our store. If there’s no match or if there’s a slight difference, then the item will not be processed. We want to make sure everything matches and looks like it belongs to you!

We also ask that you bring your receipt or proof of purchase when you come in to exchange or buy something new.

That way, we know you bought it from us and we can cross check with our records.

Why do this? Because we care about our customers and would rather avoid any fraudulent activity by people trying to scam us out of money!

It is very important to us that you feel comfortable shopping here and that we keep up with trends and styles that are popular. We want you to love coming back to see us and spend more time browsing and finding new things to add to your collection!

Hopefully everyone understands how important it is to take their time looking through our site and understanding our policies, but if you ever have questions don’t hesitate to contact one of our experienced staff members at (855) 902-6561 or email