This week, we’re talking about all of the cool spooky decorations at Z Gallerie! If you are looking to find some new fall decor or need help finding your inner ghoul, check out these ideas!

Z Gallerie has teamed up with Influencer Programs to bring you an article full of fun Halloween décor and tips. Shannen is our guest blogger for this piece, so be sure to check her out here!

We have gathered some seriously scary DIYs and easy recipes from Shannen. She also includes some great tips such as how to make your own spider webs and what types of spiders would fit in the setting she designed.

Photo tips

The most important thing about taking pictures for social media is to be creative! Try different angles, positions, and keep it fun!

Another good tip is to try using natural light when possible. Add lighting effects or use flash if needed, but make sure it does not look too contrived.

Avoid having too much decoration in your picture as this can get in the way of people looking into the room fully. Just focus more on capturing what you wanted to show and then add some touches like decorations later.

Shopping tips

z gallerie halloween

This year, Z Gallerie is having its most extravagant Halloween event of all time! They are celebrating their one-year anniversary as an open-air party store with lots of spooky surprises.

They will be hosting a haunted house experience at their West Village location on Friday, October 26th. The event starts at 6 p.m., and you can attend for free!

There will also be trick or treat style events taking place throughout the night, including a costume contest, face painting, and more.

Not only that, but there will also be some special guests attending to celebrate the one-year anniversary!

These include: Monster Makeup Lessons from AnimaCon, costumed photobooths, and a midnight paintball battle! What a fun way to spend your evening this week!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to zgalleriewehi.

Party tips

z gallerie halloween

This year, Z Galleria is throwing their second annual Halloween Bash! The event will take place on Friday, October 26th at 6 p.m. At this party, you can expect to find yourself surrounded by decorations, drinks, and snacks galore!

There will be trick-or-treating for kids outside, while adults can enjoy some beverages, food, and entertainment. There will also be live music, raffles, and prize giveaways!

Tickets are now on sale here and all proceeds go directly back into helping low income students afford academic resources and shopping experiences at Z Gallerion.

Personal care

z gallerie halloween

While most stores have their very own line of scary makeup, personal care products are missing the boat when it comes to spooky-themed merchandise.

Trick or treat time! We want to give you some easy ways to look your best this Halloween, so we’ve gathered some fun beauty tips and tricks from top brands that will not only make you feel confident but also help you find the perfect costume!

From face masks to bath bombs to lip stains, these ghoulish goodies can be a lot of fun to experiment with. Many people begin doing cosmetic tests years ago, and now they have lusciously rich experiences due to those experiments.

Many hit upon them as being totally worth it because they know what functions each one serves for their skin. Some even create new products using their favorite ingredients in the way that thing works for them.

Fun times with friends & family

z gallerie halloween

As we mentioned earlier, this year’s zGalleria Halloween event was held at the beautiful Villa Rosa in Scottsdale! This is one of our favorite events of the season because not only are there decorations and spooky experiences for kids, but it also gives parents some time to relax, chat, and connect with loved ones!

At zGalleria events, guests can enjoy trick-or-treating during the day, as well as night fall festivities that include hay rides, pumpkin picking, live entertainment, and most importantly…spook-tacular shopping!

For moms who may feel overwhelmed after having children, zGalleria has an exclusive Kids Club where they can relax, refresh, and do something fun without paying extra for child care services. The kids’ club features snacks and drinks, while mom gets some downtime before she goes back to work.

Not only does the Kids’ Club help mothers re-focus, it is really popular! Many companies offer discounts or free items if you are a parent that attends at least ONE zGalleria event per month.